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Project CB750 Cafe Racer

As much as I like the original british and italian cafe racer motorcycles, they are hard to come by and are too expensive for me. With a limited budget, I can certainly make a cafe racer out of a Honda CB750! Considered by many as the first Superbike, it would be an excellent platform for a cafe racer.

CB750 Specs:
enginestroke 736cc SOHC inline 4 cylinder
bore x stroke61mm x 63mm
max power67hp @ 8000rpm
clutchwet multi-plate
starterelectric & kick
carburetor4 28mm Keihin
framedouble cradle steel tube
suspension (f)telescopic
suspension (r)swingarm
brakes (f)single piston disc
brakes (r)drum
weight (dry)485lbs

My first cafe racer project starts with a purchase of a 1973 CB750 K3 with just over 20k miles. Purchase price was $300 from a guy that was just using it around his ranch.

It actually starts right up! As soon as I unloaded it from my truck, I took it for a spin around the cul-de-sac. That's when I found out that the front brakes don't work!